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Holdwell was founded in 2012 and located in Hangzhou China after 6 years rapid growth becoming a professional supplier for equipment spare parts Holdwell is with a 3 floor building and more than 2000 square meter warehouse There are 63 staffs work in 6 departments General manage office Financial department Sales department Purchase department Quality control department Storage and Logistics Department The turnover keeps 30 growth on last six years In 2017 the annual turnover is up to 15 million US dollars We will keep fighting and moving on Holdwell cooperates with more than 5000 customers from 180 countries and regions The top 10 market are United States Russia Italy Poland Canada United...

Categories and Products

Bobcat Aftermarket Parts

Engine Parts For Bobcat

Replacement belt tensioner 6735884 for Bobcat Bobcat water pump 6653941 for skid steer loader New Diesel Engine Water Pump 6684866 for Bobcat New Bobcat S250 water pump 6680852 for sale Exhaust Muffler 7100840 for Bobcat Skid Steer Loaders Cheap Excavator water pump 6672429 for Bobcat engine Skid steer load water pump 6652753 for sale Cheap Loader water pump 6670506 for bobcat models Engine water pumps for Bobcat part # 7017981 Hot sale holdwell water pump 7000743 for bobcat Bobcat Loader cooling pump 7008449 for S630 Isuzu Bobcat Water pump 6671508 6631810 for 853 Water cooling pump 6631515 for Bobcat skid steer Bobcat 6660992 water pump with gasket for loader Construction cooling pump 6672782 for Bobcat loader Bobcat parts cooling pump 6924950 water pump Bobcat Fuel Shut Off Solenoid 6677383 for Loaders Holdwell Spool Lock Solenoid 6676029 for bobcat New Bobcat Traction Lock Solenoid 6681512 for sale New Skid Steer Fuel Shut off Solenoid 6689034 

Electrical Parts For Bobcat

Bobcat Rear tail light 6670284 Red Rear Taillight Lens 6672276 

Case IH Aftermarket Parts

Cooling Parts For Case IH

excavator water pump J286277 for Case/IH Tractors Cooling water pump J800974 for Allis Chalmers tractors Replacement Cooling pump 1273085C91 for Bolens Tractors Tractor water cooling pump 293515A1 for Case-IH Holdwell water pump J286277 J802970 for Case Holdwell water pump J800976 J802975 for Case Holdwell water pump 145017951 SBA145017790 for Case Holdwell water pump U5MW0106 422002M91 for Case 

Engine Parts For Case IH

Case Pressure Relief Valve 86529091 Holdwell Fuel Injector J919304 JR919304 for Case tractor Holdwell Fuel Injector J930525 JR930525 for Case tractor Holdwell Fuel Injector J926787 JR926787 for Case tractor Holdwell Fuel Injector J908511 JR908511 for Case tractor Holdwell Fuel Injector J919602 JR919602 for Case tractor Holdwell Fuel Injector J908507 JR908507 for Case tractor Holdwell Fuel Injector J919322 J919343 for Case tractor Holdwell Fuel Injector J931735 JR931735 for Case tractor Holdwell Fuel Injector 3909476 J909476 for Case tractor Holdwell Fuel Injector J919331 for Case Skid Steer Holdwell Fuel Injector A138323 A76193 for Case tractor Holdwell Fuel Injector A140829 A51234 for Case tractor Holdwell Fuel Injector A140830 for Case tractor Holdwell Fuel Injector A138322 for Case tractor Holdwell Fuel pump ULPK0005 ULPK0034 for Case IH Holdwell Fuel pump 84142216 87319987 for Case IH Holdwell Fuel pump 2830266 2830122 for Case IH Holdwell Fuel pump 130100080733 for Case IH C55 Holdwell Electric Fuel Lift Pump 87802238 for Case 

Electrical Parts For Case IH

Ignition Switch 1987424C1 for Case Tractors Case New Holland ignition swtich 87312354 for tractors High Quality Replacement parts 87431469 CNH Ignition Switch Case New Holland Lamp 367321A1 Holdwell Solenoid Valve 87420953 for Case-IH Tractor Holdwell Solenoid Valve 218323A1 for Case-IH Tractor Holdwell Solenoid Valve J921978 for Case-IH Tractor Holdwell Solenoid Valve 04170534R for Case-IH Tractor Light Switch 1502378C1 for Case IH Tractors Holdwell Solenoid Valve 897209-1152 for Case-IH Tractor Switch Shift Control 549-00004 for Wheel Loader 

Caterpillar Aftermarket Parts

Engine Parts For Caterpillar

Water Pump 3359117 for Caterpillar Skid Steer Loaders engine water pump 153-0164 for caterpillar skid loader Replacement Water Pump 154-1816 for Caterpillar 3013 3024C Oil Pump 339-3017 For Caterpillar skid loaders 216 Shutdown Solenoid 2175204 for CAT Skid Steer 247B Mitsubishi Stop Solenoid 30C87-00060 for MT2100 210 2500 Common Rail Oil Pressure Sensor 238-0118 for Excavator 

Electrical Parts For Caterpillar

3109354 310-9354 gear selector for Caterpillar backhoes 2739189 speed selector for Caterpillar wheel loaders Column Switch 2739190 for Caterpillar backhoe loaders 

Hydraulics Parts For Caterpillar

Hydraulic solenoid Valve 1441644 for Caterpillar skid steers 2316287 24v Hydraulic Solenoid valve For Caterpillar 287B New Transmission Torque Charge Pump 6Y3864 for Caterpillar 

Deutz-fahr Aftermarket Parts

Engine Parts For Deutz-fahr

Timing Belt Repair Kit 02931480 for Deutz 2011 

JCB Aftermarket Parts

Electrical Parts For JCB

701/80184 85804674 Ignition Switch For JCB Case 

John Deere Aftermarket Parts

Cooling Parts For John Deere

AM882090 Compact Excavator Water Pump New Aftermarket John Deere Water pump AM880905 John Deere Parts Water Pump CH15502 John Deere 950 water pump CH12859 John Deere Tractor Water Pump MIA880036 new Tractor pump water RE505980 for John deere John Deere tractor pump CH12859 for cooling engine John Deere tractor cooling pump AM878201 for sale 3100 water cooling pump AR76280 for sale Engine Cooling Water Pump AM880536 without water pipe New Compact Excavator Water Pump AM882090 for sale Holdwell water pump AM882090 for John Deere tractor Holdwell water pump RE505980 RE546906 for John Deere Diesel Engine cooling Water Pump MIA880036 for tractor New cooling pump water CH15502 for tractor water pump cooling systerm MIA880461 for John Deere Cooling systerm water pump 15521-73039 for yanmar tractor 

Engine Parts For John Deere

Holdwell Fuel Injector AR89563 AR89564 for John Deere Holdwell Fuel Injector RE37503 AR90024 for John Deere Holdwell Fuel Injector RE57469 RE60062 for John Deere Holdwell Fuel Injector RE44508 RE48786 for John Deere 12V 120AMP John Deere Alternator RE537508 Holdwell Fuel Injector RE36935 RE36936 for John Deere Holdwell Fuel Injector RE36939 RE38087 for John Deere Holdwell Fuel Injector AR850783 AR50781 for John Deere Holdwell fuel pump AM132715 AM105567 for John Deere Holdwell Fuel pump AM876265 for John deere tractor Holdwell Fuel pump M138498 M145667 for John deere Holdwell Fuel pump AM882588 for John deere tractor Holdwell Fuel pump RE66153 for John deere tractor Holdwell Fuel Lift Pump RE38009 for John deere Holdwell Fuel pump AR77914 RE27667 for John deere Holdwell alternator TY24322 SE501341 for John Deere Holdwell alternator SE501363 TY26050 for John deere Holdwell alternator AR38429 AR38458 for John deere Holdwell alternator TY6790 TY6625 for John deere Holdwell alternator SE501380 RE46608 TY6762 for John deere 

Chassis Parts For John Deere

Brake Master Cylinder AZ18762 for John Deere Combine Brake cyliner 81867084 for New Holland Tractor 

Electrical Parts For John Deere

Oil Pressure sensor AT321216 John Deere Temperature Switch CH15516 Temperature Switch RE503242 for fuel injection pump Coolant Temperature sensor RE65836 Air Intake coolant temperature sensor RE48419 Holdwell Fuel Shut-Off Solenoid M806808 For John Deere John Deere oil pressure sensor AM100856 John Deere Water temperature sensor T110736 Holdwell Shutoff Solenoid M810324 for John Deere Holdwell Fuel Shutoff Solenoid RE502474 for John Deere Fuel Shut Off Solenoid AM124377 Holdwell Fuel Shutoff Solenoid RE502473 for John Deere AT333807 Solenoid Valve Coil Holdwell Shutoff Solenoid RE53507 for John Deere Tractor John Deere Solenoid AT340719 Holdwell Shutoff Solenoid RE53559 for John Deere Control Valve Solenoid KV23082 Holdwell Shutoff Solenoid AM124379 for John Deere John Deere Solenoid Valve RE526570 Holdwell Shutoff Solenoid AM882277 for John Deer 

Hydraulics Parts For John Deere

John Deere AT440858 Transmission pump for 310JS Heavy Starter switch Lock Kit VOE15082295 for Volvo 

Kubota Aftermarket Parts

Cooling Parts For Kubota

Kubota D1105 Water Pump 16241-73030 Holdwell excavator Kubota water pump 15521-73039 Holdwell kubota engine D950 water pump 15534-73030 15534-73030 Water Pump for Kubota Tractor cooling systerm 15321-73032 Water Pump Assembly for Kubota tractor Kubota assy pump water 1C010-73032 for tractor Kubota D722 Water Pump 19883-73030 for tractors Holdwell tractor water pump 15321-73032 for kubota Holdwell water pump 1G772-73030 for Kubota tractor Holdwell Kubota V3800 Water Pump 1C010-73032 Holdwell Kubota V2203 V2403 water pump 1A051-73030 Hot Sale Tractor Kubota Water Pump 19883-73030 Hot Sale Tractor Kubota Water Pump 19883-73030 Competitive Holdwell Kubota Tractor Water Pump 1G772-73030 Holdwell Kubota D782 Excavator Water Pump 1G820-73030 Kubota 05 series tractor water pump 16241-73032 Holdwell excavator water pump 1G730-73030 for kubota Forklift V2403 Kubota water pump 1K321-73030 Holdwell Kubota tractor water pump 1A021-73030 New Cooling water pump 16241-73032 for Kubota tractor 

Engine Parts For Kubota

kubota alternator 15531-64017 for D722 D950 Electrical Stop Solenoid E6850-60012 for Kioti Tractor CK25 Fuel Shutoff Solenoid E5753-60015 For LS Kioti Tractors E5900-73032 Water Pump For Kioti LK3054 LK2554 Kubota Oil Pump 16241-35070 for D1105 Kubota Alternator 16241-64010 for AL5000 Light Tower Kubota Standard piston Ring sets 16271-21050 Kubota D1105 Fuel Pump 16271-52030 12V 14A Kubota Alternator Dynamo 15531-64010 Head Gasket 16851-03310 for Kubota Engine Z482 Kubota Fuel shutoff Solenoid 17520-60013 Fuel Pump 19035-52030 for Kubota Engine Z482 Kubota Z482 Starter Motor 19837-63010 Kubota Z482 water pump 19883-73030 Aftermarket Solenoid 16851-60014 for Kubota Tractor 12V Kubota Fuel Stop Solenoid 17594-60014 Fuel Stop Solenoid 16271-60012 for kubota Mower 12V Kubota Fuel Stop Solenoid 1G772-60012 12V Stop Solenoid 1A021-60010 for Kubota Engine Holdwell Fuel Pump 16851-52030 for Kubota excavator 

Electrical Parts For Kubota

Holdwell Fuel Shutoff Solenoid 17208-60010 for Kubota SA-4899-12 1756ES-12SULB1S5 Kubota Fuel Shutoff Solenoid WOODWARD 12V Fuel Shutoff Solenoid 1751-12E7U1S1S5A Kubota D1105 Shutoff Solenoid Valve SA4561-T Holdwell Fuel Shut Off Solenoid 1G925-60011 for bobcat 12V Shut Down Solenoid 1C010-60015 for Kubota V3300T Fuel Shutoff Solenoid 1G939-60010 for Kubota V2203 V1503 Kubota Bobcat Fuel Solenoid 1G577-60011 6689034 Kubota New Oil Filler Cap With O-Ring 15221-33140 Aftermarket kubota diesel alternator 15471-64010 12V excavator kubota engine alternator 6661611 

Massey Ferguson Aftermarket Parts

Engine Parts For Ferguson

massey ferguson fuel shut off solenoid 4224670M1 LUCAS 25038 Starter motor for Massey Ferguson Lucas 12V Starter Motor LRS157 for TEF20 MASSEY FERGUSON Starter Motor 1680064M1 

New Holland Aftermarket Parts

Cooling Parts For New Holland

New Holland SBA145017790 cooling water pump for tractor New Holland tractor cooling water pump 6910679 Ford 

Engine Parts For New Holland

New Holland Electric Fuel Lift Pump 87802238 

Yanmar Aftermarket Parts

Cooling Parts For Yanmar

4TNE88 yanmar tractor water pump 729428-42003 YANMAR 4TNE84 cooling pump 129001-42003 for sale Yanmar 129508-42001 water cooling pump for tractor Cooling water pump Yanmar new 119810-42002 for tractor Cooling water pump Yanmar new 119810-42002 for tractor Cooling water pump Yanmar new 129350-42010 for tractor Yanmar water cooling pump new 129900-42050 for tractor Yanmar 129917-42010 Cooling syestem pump new for tractor Yanmar new cooling water pump 129150-42000 for tractor Yanmar new water cooling pump 721250-42700 for tractor 5 install holes water cooling pump 724550-42700 

Engine Parts For Yanmar

New Overhaul Gasket Kit fit for Yanmar 4TNV86 12V Shut Off Stop Solenoid 129953-77811 for Yanmar Holdwell Shutoff Solenoid 119807-77800 for Yanmar engine Holdwell stop Solenoid 129486-77954 for Yanmar engine Holdwell stop Solenoid 129271-77950 for Yanmar engine 

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